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Public Involvement — Chicago to Rockford

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This program will use the principles of IDOT's Context Sensitive Solutions Policy, a collaborative approach that provides all stakeholders opportunities to participate and share comments or concerns about the objectives of the study and the alternatives. Travelers, communities, businesses, elected officials, and many others are all "stakeholders" in our transportation system. Early, frequent, and meaningful communication is essential to ensure the public involvement process seeks solutions, addresses all concerns, and takes into serious consideration the quality of life of stakeholders.

Public Involvement Activities


A newsletter will be sent out to stakeholders to coincide with major milestones and events. The newsletter will also be used to promote public meetings and other community events about the program. Sign up for the newsletter here. 

Public Meetings

Public meetings with be held in the station communities. The goal of the public meetings will be to facilitate feedback from the communities and create awareness of the project. All materials can be presented digitally if a virtual meeting is required.

Community Advisory Groups

Community Advisory Groups (CAG) will be assembled in each station community comprised of civic organizations, residential groups, business organizations, neighborhood groups, and other stakeholders. The purpose of the CAGs is to represent the community and facilitate the discussion of issues and opportunities from their constituents.  

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